WELCOME to BetterProse!

At BetterProse a mainstream-published, non-fiction author/freelance journalist, can help you improve your writing for all kinds of purposes.

Not everyone is a natural writer: many people have valuable expertise in their field but can’t always transfer their ideas smoothly to paper.  Perhaps you’ve written part of a non-fiction book and would like an unbiased opinion on its style. Or maybe you’re preparing a book proposal (which can feel harder than writing the book itself!) and need advice before submitting it to a literary agent or publisher.

Once you’ve been accepted by a publisher, a good editor can help, but you need to get to that stage first! Agents and publishers get inundated with proposals and manuscripts. If your prose is not up to standard, they won’t give you a second chance. Get your non-fiction writing right from the start.

Alternatively you may want advice on other types of writing. For work, for example, you may struggle to produce clear reports. Even if you’re writing for pleasure, perhaps compiling your family history for your relatives to read, you need to keep your reader interested. Or perhaps you need  to create marketing material for websites or brochures.

Whatever your needs, BetterProse can help.