BetterProse Writing Services

At BetterProse a published non-fiction author/freelance writer, who is also an experienced English teacher, can help you improve your writing for all kinds of purposes, including:

Non-fiction book proposals

By the time you read this you will probably already have a good idea of what a non-fiction book proposal is. You will have read about it on websites and in books, and you may have decided on a suitable agent or publisher to whom you will pitch your proposal.

If you have reached that stage, ask yourself:

  • Have I looked at their proposal guidelines?
  • Does my proposal comply with those guidelines?

And most importantly:

  • Does my proposal read well or is it clumsy/illogical/boring/repetitive?

If you have any doubt about your answer to any of these questions, especially the last one, don’t blow your chance by submitting the proposal as it is.  You’ll only get one opportunity with that agent or publisher. Get impartial advice on how to improve it first; where necessary, suggestions for re-writing can be given.

Sample chapters

Sometimes you will be required to include two or three sample chapters within your proposal, and again it is important that these read well.  Alternatively, you may want an impartial view on the opening chapters of your book, independent of any proposal. Editing advice can be offered here, too.

Report writing

Perhaps you have  to produce reports or presentations for work but are embarrassed by your lack of confidence when it comes to writing, or maybe your grammar or punctuation is weak.  Advice can be given on how best to structure your work, or on content or style – in short, on whatever you need.

Advice on other writing eg. family histories, marketing material 

You may want to write a document for your family’s pleasure but are unsure how to do it.  Perhaps you’re starting a business and need help with marketing ‘blurb’. Whatever you’re creating, guidance is available.

Reasonable rates and efficient turn-around time offered.